Jewish Holidays (Gregorian Year)

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These are the Jewish Holidays observed at Solel. The dates listed are the day of the holiday. The holiday begins on the evening prior to this date.

Tu B'ShevatJan 25Feb 11Jan 31Jan 21Feb 10Jan 28Jan 17Feb 06
PurimMar 24Mar 12Mar 01Mar 21Mar 10Feb 26Mar 17Mar 07
PesachApr 23Apr 11Mar 31Apr 20Apr 09Mar 28Apr 16Apr 06
Yom HaShoahMay 05Apr 24Apr 12May 02Apr 21Apr 08Apr 28Apr 18
Yom HaZikaronMay 11May 01Apr 18May 08Apr 28Apr 14May 04Apr 25
Yom Ha'AtzmautMay 12May 02Apr 19May 09Apr 29Apr 15May 05Apr 26
Yom YerushalayimJun 05May 24May 13Jun 02May 22May 10May 29May 19
ShavuotJun 12May 31May 20Jun 09May 29May 17Jun 05May 26
Tisha B'AvAug 14Aug 01Jul 22Aug 11Jul 30Jul 18Aug 07Jul 27
Rosh HashanahOct 03Sep 21Sep 10Sep 30Sep 19Sep 07Sep 26Sep 16
Yom KippurOct 12Sep 30Sep 19Oct 09Sep 28Sep 16Oct 05Sep 25
SukkotOct 17Oct 05Sep 24Oct 14Oct 03Sep 21Oct 10Sep 30
Shemini AtzeretOct 24Oct 12Oct 01Oct 21Oct 10Sep 28Oct 17Oct 07
Simchat TorahOct 25Oct 13Oct 02Oct 22Oct 11Sep 29Oct 18Oct 08
ChanukahDec 25Dec 13Dec 03Dec 23Dec 11Nov 29Dec 19Dec 08