Kindergarten - 2nd Grade

Students are welcomed into Jewish life as part of the Solel community with the Consecration ceremony at the beginning of the school year along with any other students who are new to their religious studies.  The rhythms of the Jewish year become clear to them as the children study the cycle of holidays.  Regular visits from the art and music specialists help the class to learn by "doing". Hands-on activities foster comprehension across many learning styles.
Grade 1:
This year, children are introduced to some of the different ways of thinking and talking about God.  Through Torah stories, midrash, and folktales, they begin to see the relationships among conscience, Jewish values, Mitzvot, and God.

Now that they have been introduced to the holidays, first graders are ready to study the impact these holidays have in their own homes. Children will be encouraged to share their family traditions and to bring new ways of celebration home to their families.  Parents will receive materials to allow them to enrich family holiday experiences.  Throughout the year, seasonal observances will punctuate the exploration of our most important holiday, Shabbat.

Grade 2:
Students begin Torah study, learning the rhythm of Jewish life.   By learning the stories of the Torah in sequence, students learn the relationships among the personalities in the Torah and gain a fundamental knowledge base and vocabulary for discussion of Jewish topics.  The children focus on the synagogue as our house of worship, house of study, and house of meeting.  Second graders also receive a gentle introduction to the language of our people as they learn the aleph-bet, vowels, and principals of reading Hebrew.