Letter from the Director of Education

Dear Religious School Families,

It is a gift to lead a school where families bring dedication, enthusiasm, and a vision for what matters most in Jewish education - the building of a kehillat kedosha, a holy community, and the honoring of our core values.  We want our children to be kind, decent, citizens of this world, and to be connected to our Jewish identity.  We want our children to grow spirituality, socially, and emotionally, and religious education must attend to these needs.
Shema Yisrael Adonai Eloheinu Adonai Echad.  This is the most central prayer in our Jewish tradition.  And what does it tell us to do?  It tells us to listen.  To pay attention.  To notice the sparks of godliness and holiness in our world.  There is nothing more important than listening in our religious school.  We listen to the voices of children.  We listen to the voices of parents.  We listen to the knowledge of teachers.  We listen to the wisdom of clergy.  We are on this journey together, and through collaboration and honoring of one another, we remember that Torah teaches we are each made in the image of God, betzelem Elohim, and we respect one another as such.  We recognize and celebrate the gifts that each child brings.  When children feel respected, they are more willing to share who they are with their teachers and friends.
The wonderful theologian Mordecai Kaplan famously said that a feeling of belonging is the key to being Jewish, more so than how we practice Judaism, and more so than our religious beliefs.  Here at Solel our goal is to create a school where the feeling of belonging matters – where children know one another, where we all want to be in this place because it is a place of joy, connection, and meaning.  A wise friend once said, “What matters is what we do after programs to build relationships.”  While we of course strive to provide the most meaningful, positive experience for your children while they are here, we also hope that the relationships they form in the classroom will extend beyond the classroom, leading to connection among the Solel community inside our walls and out in the world.

Come.  Learn with us.  Grow with us.  Most importantly, be with us, as we build sacred community together.  

In blessing and gratitude,