8th - 9th Grade

Grade 8:
In 8th Grade, Students compare their own traditions with those of other world religions.   Beginning with the Jewish response to universal questions, (How did the world begin?  Why are we here?  What happens when we die?) the class moves from the familiar to the unfamiliar. After a review of the diverse branches of Judaism, they explore the worldview of Catholicism, Protestantism, Islam, Hinduism and Buddhism.  Readings from primary sources and pertinent literature help the students to formulate questions.  Field trips to various houses of worship and exposure to authoritative speakers provide opportunities for students to appreciate the diversity of human thought while sharpening their awareness of their own beliefs.  At the end of the year, Rabbi Moffic helps the students to put their ideas into a meaningful perspective.
Grade 9:
How can we - should we - impact the world at large? Ninth graders ask that question as they spend a year examining the impact of Jews in a diverse and complex world.  In addition to studying the Jewish community’s impact on politics, media, and social action, ninth graders will help make the world a better place by involving themselves in some of the many organizations in the Jewish Community.  Field trips and tzedakah projects will complement a seven-week study of Jewish responses to urban poverty facilitated by the Jewish Council on Urban Affairs.  They will look at their relationship to Israel and the tension of maintaining political integrity when moral values are put to the test.